MACE SMC Australia
Protecting Children
MACE SMC Australia
MACE SMC Australia
MACE SMC Australia
Protecting Children
MACE SMC Australia

Motorcyclist Advocating for Child Empowerment

M.A.C.E. is a group of passionate motorcyclists that are
duty bound to:
Empower children that have been affected by abuse
so that they can regain strength of character
Empower children to feel protected
Encourage children to have a voice

As M.A.C.E. members we commit to facilitating these children
on their life’s journey, whatever path that may take.

We do this by:
Riding to raise awareness of our club and values
Fund raising to donate to child orientated charities
Donating time, goods and money to support children in need
Helping out charities at events in support of children Support, mentoring and counselling
Holding support and empowerment rides for the children
and families
Holding monthly meetings and a yearly AGM

We are all volunteers and require police checks and working with children checks