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Is a social motorcycle club founded in Perth Western Australia and Incorporated in April 2013.

Open to male and female riders/pillions.

Members are like-minded responsible community members who wish to minimise fears and anxieties for unsupported children.

We require current WWCC for all intending and serving Members and have qualifiying periods for membership, to further reduce the risk of harm to children.

For more information about supporting or being a part of M.A.C.E click here.

Motorcyclists Advocating Child Empowerment’s (M.A.C.E.) objective is to empower children who have been affected by neglect, sexual, physical or emotional abuse. We exist to support and empower children and their familes through their journey of freeing themselves from abuse. Breaking the silence requires much contiunued support, care and understanding for their family. We are ready to stand with them through their fear while gaining their voice.Our aim is to minimise the child's fear and anxiety, caused by their struggle for survival and recognition in the wake of trauma and abuse.


The child liaison officer will be the first contact.

Two M.A.C.E members will be assigned as the child’s support team.

M.A.C.E members will work in conjunction with the guardian, providing support, safety and advocacy.

Referrals may be sent from agencies or individuals.

Each case is assessed on the individual needs of the child and family.

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M.A.C.E help abused children, we 'adopt' them into our club family and the child/ren has a direct number that they can call anytime they feel upset or unsafe.

Whenever the chld requires our presence, M.A.C.E members attend to help the child feel empowered. Example of this could be: escort the child to court, attend police interviews, provide protection from threats, intimidation and harassment. Accompany the child to other locations, and our Members presence if the child is being bullied or feels threatened. Providing contacts to other Associations that the child may need assistance from to foster recovery and generally as stated above, anytime they feel upset or unsafe.

In general terms, we raise the awareness of Child Abuse in the community and empower the children and the families that are affected to promote the best possible recovery.

Te enable us to provide this service, we have the voluntary support of our Members who are passionate for the cause.

M.A.C.E members will seek to co-operate with others in order to secure the best possible outcomes for young people. Working in deliberate isolation increases the risk of dependency-based relationships and denies young people the right to choice and equitable share of available resources.