Motorcycllists Advocating Child Empowerment (M.A.C.E) exists to minimise young people's fear and anxiety in the struggle for survival and recognition in the wake of abuse. The core of a members relationship with the young person is as the primary person, expressed through a commitment to advocacy and empowerment in their journey.

We are a volunteer/community minded organisation who are passionate about protecting children. We are a social motorcycle club riding together, to help keep children safe in the wake of abuse.

A child/children breaking free from abuse can benefit greatly from the wider community acknowledging their trauma, providing support and caring about their welfare.

We protect and advocate for children of Australia who are victims of child abuse, neglect and bullying. We also advocate for awareness and protective behaviours to help prevent child abuse.

We rely on community and business to help us help others. Some of our services include attending court hearings, interviews, empowerment rides, visiting the family at home when they feel intimidated, frightened or just needing our presence to help them feel safe.

M.A.C.E helps by making the child feel part of an extended family who are there to listen, support and work with other services and agencies on their path to a better way of living. 

By supporting M.A.C.E you are helping us to provide and contribute to invaluable services working together for children and their families on their way to live more empowered lives.